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Glass Cockpits and Other Stuff

Many of the new aircraft are being manufactured with glass cockpits. Basically this is a computer generated image on an LCD screen called a MFD or Multi Function  Display. The display replaces the conventional aircraft instruments with one or two MFDs. The Cessna 172 and Cirrus SR22 aircraft now come with the Garmin G1000 display. The Cessna in FSX has a G1000 along with several other aircraft in the software. Many of the new add-on aircraft also feature the G1000. There are several other glass cockpit packages including the G1000 that can be purchased for FS9 and FS10. This is the present and future and I thought it would  be interesting to take a look at this unit.

We also have a few Eze-Pits in inventory and I'm thinking of a possible way to get them out to the simmers that may need them. We may offer 50% of on shipping or something to that affect.

There's some other cool stuff to talk about as well so enjoy.


Garmin G1000

What is a glass cockpit anyway and why do I need to learn about it as a flight simmer?

A glass cockpit is something that has been in airliners and larger planes for a long time. These systems were cost prohibitive to the smaller GA aircraft until around a decade ago. Now many common GA aircraft and Experimental aircraft sport them.

Rather than go through a long explanation of how they work and how they can benefit you as a pilot or simmer this  excellent tutorial puts it all in a nutshell.

Click here or on graphic

As a simulator pilot it great to have a chance to learn how this system works and to use it in your aircraft at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. If you're really serious there are some high fidelity trainers that operate just like the real thing. Just do web search and you'll find a lot of info.


Be sure an order yours today before they're all gone.

World of Warplanes

A6M2Brewster F2A BuffaloPolikarpov I-5J7W3

Online gaming has advanced in a huge way over the last decade. Flying in an online game is almost as fluid and often better than flying from the game installed on a system. The biggest thrill is that you're flying against other human components. World of Warplanes is a relatively newcomer to the flight sim theme but they are also known for the World of Tanks. Give it a try it's free.

Almost Forgot G1000 for iPad

Of course what isn't available for the iPad these days check out this link it will give you a portable G1000, imagine two iPads


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