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Welcoming in the New Year

Welcome to 2016, hope you all had a productive 2015 and are looking forward to the new year. As we enter the new year we hope to have the current issues of  KwikPit kit stock resolved. Sometimes it seems that it is not possible to develop a good product and still maintain a reasonable selling price. We still think it's possible here and will continue to strive to bring you products that are affordable to the average hobbyist. With this in mind we will continue to endeavor to bring you our current product line as well as develop  new products that make our hobby more enjoyable.



I'm sure 2016 will bring us many new innovations and products that will increase our enjoyment and heighten the sense of realism that we experience in our flight simulation experience.

We can now look back and see what new products and innovation there was in the last year to make flight simulation more enjoyable and raised the flight simulation experience to new heights as well.

Great Products from 2015

FSX Steam Edition
One product that has actually been around for a while  was discontinued and then brought back to life in 2015. That product is Flight Simulator X or FSX by Microsoft. This is the descendant and most current version of the grand daddy of flight simulation Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Although it was discontinued and support has ceased from Microsoft some copies are still available. With no support or upgrades it ended an era for this product and broke the hearts of many.

But then! Out of the despair came the word that Dovetail Software along with Steam would be continuing the saga of FSX with new support and improvements. Yes, 2015 has given us an improved downloadable version of FSX. It's called Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition and it's inexpensive.
Here's the link:

FlyInside FSX

One of if not the coolest product scheduled for release for 2016 is Oculus Rift. Flight Simulator X will support the Virtual Reality headgear making flying the simulator in full virtual reality really as real as it can get.

One of the main issues with virtual reality is manipulation of controls and software integration. FlyInside promises to resolve these problems. If you have the development kit or plan on purchasing the Oculus Rift when available this sounds like a must have piece of software.

You can check out this great pieceof software at this link. It also is free for downloading: https://flyinside-fsx.com/

HomeFlite Measurements

Several people have asked about the measurements of the HomeFlite cockpit built from plans.

Click on picture for measurements

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