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In this issue we take a look at FlightGear and explore a few of the Apps that are out for the iPad, iPhone, Android and Widows devices.

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                                                                                Flight Sim Holidays

Hello everyone hope this newsletter finds you well. I t  looks  like the change in weather is at hand and the holiday season is approaching.    We continue to survive in a not so robust market as the economy continues to waiver it's way back to recovery. The flight simulator industry continues to survive as isolated reports of it's death still continue to surface. We've lost a few companies and titles in the industry such as the newly released Microsoft Flight, a very short lived title that arrived in February and was discontinued in July. However, dozens of new titles have sprang up and some of them are for the tried and true FS9 or Flight Simulator 2004 Carenado's C337 Skymaster  for FS2004 and the Cessna Grand Caravan for FS 2004 .Other companies have been turning out new titles as well.

One of the coolest titles is the upgrade of the free open source program FlightGear. It gets better and better as time goes on. There's also another version of FlightGear that you may not be familiar with which we'll cover as well. So enjoy the letter.

                                 FlightGear Update

The latest upgrade brings FlightGear to up to version 2.8. Looking at the site several improvements have been listed.


  • Placement of buildings and objects now better match the surrounding terrain.
  • Improved atmosphere such as better lighting, haze and weather .
  • Project Rembrandt
  • New aircraft and more.



All photos are from the FlightGear Website

I think this is a great free package that has developed through the years into a program with some great graphics and flight simulation physics.

Having said that, I will say this is not Microsoft Flight Simulator and it will not have the look and slickness of installation of the Microsoft software.

It may not be as plug and play as Flight simulator or other polished titles but you just can't beat the price. It's well worth installing on your machine especially if you're not sure about spending money on a flight simulator program.

Head over to the official site at you can find out all about it. There is also a great review of the program at the Fly Away Simulations website at

The Other FlightGear


This program has taken in quite a few people at a hefty price. They seem to change the name whenever the heat is turned up or the program is highlighted by legitimate reviewers on the internet. Here are some excerpts from around the web. Buyer beware!

"Review of Pro Flight Simulator

Pro Flight Simulator is a commercial product very heavily based on FlightGear. Investigation by a number of the FlightGear developers has found no difference between this and the FlightGear v1.9.1 release other than a change of name. Pro Flight Simulator is in no way endorsed or supported by the core FlightGear development team.

Given the similarities between Pro Flight Simulator and FlightGear, we would recommend that prospective buyers download FlightGear for free and satisfy themselves that Pro Flight Simulator provides worthwhile value for money before purchasing it."

"What are the differences between the two?

As far as we have been able to make out, the only difference between FlightGear v1.9.1 and Pro Flight Simulator is a change in name throughout the software, and the fact that you have to pay for it."

"Legal or illegal?

The GNU GPL license, under which FlightGear is released, allows reselling under certain terms. The main issue that FlightGear developers have is the misleading marketing tactics used by pro flight sim that target unsuspecting users who aren't yet familiar with FlightGear. This is primarily an ethical, not a legal issue."

"Has Pro Flight Simulator contributed to the FlightGear project at all?


A link that sums it all up:

Apps Apps Apps

The proliferation of devices such as the iPad, iPod, Android tablet and Android phones have created a new source for programs for flight simulation enthusiasts.

Apps, short for applications, are small programs designed to operate on these devices. They include everything from GPS to tons of games. The great news is there are also quite a few apps written for aviation and flight simulation.

We're focusing on flight simulation here. Most likely if you have one of these devices you're aware of many of the apps that are available for flight simulation.

Although my search didn't reveal any free ad-on or flight simulator utility apps there is a wide range of apps for practically nothing considering most apps cost from $3.99 to $4.99 in price.



These are some of the Apps available.

fsxfollow is an app that will let you use your iPad of iPhone as a moving map display. It works with Flight Simulator X, FS9 and X-Plane. More at: 

FSXControl puts the aircraft controls on the iPad device. Controls such as flaps, video window, Com radios and autopilot just to name a few.

FSXApproach is used to set up for an approach to any runway in the world. These apps all can be found at the above url.

There are many more apps out there for your consumption. If you have an iPad or Android or Windows device times couldn't be better.

Infinite Flight is a full fledged mobile flight simulator for the Windows 7 phone. There is also X-Plane 9 mobile for the iPhone these are more on the full fledged flight simulator side rather than an add on or utility. A full review of Infinite flight can be found at Fly Away Simulations:

 Image from Fly Away Sims website

Touch Pilot One is another cool app that gives you control of your simulator aircraft here's a quote from the site

"Touch Pilot OneTM allows you to control a flight simulator from your tablet. Use the on-screen controls to adjust your throttle, gear, flaps, and more with just a touch. Now you donít have to remember all those keyboard commands! It transmits commands over WiFi, and works with any flight simulator running on a Windows PC. The app is available now for iPad and Android tablets." Check it out at

Well that's it for now hope you enjoyed this issue and take away and idea for your next adventure. Until next issue enjoy the flight.


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