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                                                                             Pits and More Pits                                                                              

Hello everyone and welcome to our latest edition of the Newsletter. There was no Newsletter for September -October as we were busy recovering files from a computer that failed and happend to have our Newsletter resources on it. In this issue we introduce a new product from someone that we have the pleasure being associated with as an affiliate. The product is the Series One DIY cockpit plan set. this is a great project for those who want to go a step further than the KwikPit and want a enclosed cockpit project. We'll have more details on this in the next Issue.

We will always try to bring you information from the community and fellow builders who wish to share with us. In this issue we show you the great work of one of our KwikPit builders. The builder of the KwikPit in this article is Jose Depina, he has done a fantastic job of both building and modifying his project. We've added a few  photos of this project to the Gallery as well. If you've completed a KwikPit or Eze-Pit feel free to send in pictures so others may admire your work.

                                                                    Click on the Thumbnails to view the photos.

Jose Depina's KwikPit

Here we can see Jose painting one of the sides of the      KwikPit. The KwikPit is designed with straight cuts and easy to follow plans to make it a very easy project for the beginner as well as those who are skilled in woodworking. Jose  mentioned that our plans were very easy for him to follow.

As you can see, the finished kwikPit is fantastic and has some pretty cool modifications. Jose has really thought this project out. He said one of the things he did was
    to cut a hole the size of the CH Yoke so that he could inset it a couple of inches and make it closer to the Instrument Panel which allows him to get inside the cockpit. That's a beautiful 46" HDTV for main screen viewing and it looks  
great. Jose's instrument monitor is a 15" flat screen, this dual monitor set up adds a lot to the immersion factor for flight simulating. We also see  Jose has mounted a GoFlight landing gear panel, a lcd panel  and a Saitek switch panel. The Kwikpit is a great platform for mounting commercial or your homebuilt switch panels. He has rounded out his setup with a Saitek HOTAS and a set of CH Pro Pedals.

The kwikPit in action, looks like we have some pretty strong competition for seat time. Great job Jose, thanks for sharing your fantastic setup with us.


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