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Welcome to the Bi-monthly  newsletter.

In this issue we would like to also introduce our KwikPit kit. Finally a cockpit kit that is inexpensive and easy to assemble. Now you have a quick and affordable solution for that cockpit you've always wanted to build.

The  newsletter will give you insight into the different types of flight simulation, technical articles, tips and reviews.

We will also look at the products, accessories, hardware, software and just about anything that makes the world of flight simulation more realistic and enjoyable.

The newsletter will also keep you abreast of what other enthusiast are doing in the community.

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The KwikPit Company was created and is ran by  a flight simulation enthusiast. Our goal is to introduce products that add to the enhancement  and fun of flight simulation without the complexity or high  costs.

We hope you enjoy our unique line of cockpit products. We have strived to keep prices low as compared to anything else on the market.

Check out our products at  thank you for your patronage.

The KwikPit Team

 Introducing the New KwikPit Kit   

The KwikPit Company proudly introduces the KwikPit kit. We've sold plans for the KwikPit for over two years to many pleased enthusiasts. We received a lot of enquiries about someday producing a ready to assemble kit. Well. someday is finally here and we have kits available for purchase.

When designing the kit we wanted something that was inexpensive and easy to assemble for the hobbyist. The cockpit had to be large enough to be functional and handle most of the flight or racing gear in today's market. We  didn't want a kit that was too large and would incur ridiculous shipping expenses as these cost rise almost on a consistent basis. The KwikPit is great for apartments or small spaces and is very easy to assemble or disassemble if required. The KwikPit places your controls at a proper level with room for a HOTAS setup as well as a yoke or wheel. Compare price and shipping on other cockpit or chair units and you'll see what we mean.

The KwikPit is built of strong 5/8 inch composite board material no plastic is used. This is the most cost effective material available today. Some feel hat this is an inferior material but a lot of  furniture even fine furniture has this material at it's core with a veneer layer to give that expensive look. For structures such as desk and units such as the KwikPit this material is superb and it allows the enthusiast the ability to purchase a low cost cockpit.

The Kwikpit Kit comes in one shipping box ready to assemble. You supply the paint and any customization you want to the kit. The only tool required for assembly is a large Phillips screwdriver.

Assembly is straight forward and will take 1 person approximately 45 minutes to complete.

These are some photos of the kit assembly. The panels can be customized to your taste.


Painting is not required but the kit can be painted any color or your favorite emblems can be added for that one of a kind custom cockpit.


A set of  decals (not scale) come with the kit as well as a newly added foam glareshield (not shown in the photo).


The Kwikpit requires a simple office chair to be ready for  action.some of the custom built gaming chairs will work as well.

The  KwikPit ready to add realism to all your flight, space, driving or racing simulation games.

For more information on the KwikPit kit and other products please feel free to browse our site. Suggestions, comments and ideas are always welcome.

        Gaming Gadget Of The Month

The KwikPit Kit

          No time to build?
    Don't have a lot of money?

        The wait is over!
The KwikPit Kit available now!
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Available Now!

The KwikPit is finally available in kit form. The kit features easy assembly with just a Phillips screwdriver. Compact, Sturdy, Great for any room with limited space. Look for more detailed information on the KwikPit evolution next issue.

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