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In this issue of the Newsletter we are getting ready for the holiday season by looking at a cool product from Thrustmaster, the Cougar MFD Pack.

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                                                                Some Cool MFD's
The holiday season will soon be upon us and as with most simmers we are all thinking of some cool simming gadgets we'd like to add to our simulation enjoyment. We may hint to our significant others or plan to treat ourselves but we are all in agreement that we have been good and deserve a new toy. This issue of the Newsletter covers an interesting item that would will go perfectly with an Eze-Pit or KwikPit. It's the Thrustmaster Cougar MFD set. These MFD's are really cool and fit the Eze-Pit and KwikPit perfectly. So let's get on with it.

The Cougar MFD pack is a set of MFD's from Thrustmaster. When I say MFD (Multi Functional Displays) they are actually simulations of the MFDs found in the F-16 aircraft. They displays are not actually displays in the full sense of how the real displays work. they do not have a crt display they are the bezel that goes around the display with functioning buttons that light up.


They have drop in graphic card inserts. There are also inserts that let you designate the function of each button. The MFD's are not programmable but the buttons can be programmed from within most modern simulations. There is a downloadable preprogrammed module for FS9 and FSX. the units can be mounted in a cockpit or free stand on a desk. For an in-depth review of the unit click on this link It will take you to simhq, they've done an excellent job of reviewing the unit.

Having said all that here is the reason for this article. Attaching a set of these MFD's to an
Eze-Pit or KwikPit how cool would it be?

Here we have some pics of the MFD's along with a mini keyboard mounted on the Eze-Pit.

Click to Enlarge

The units are very easy to mount. the back are removable and the faceplates can be screw attached to the Eze-Pit. Industrial strength velcro also does a fantastic job of holding them in place and making them removable when the Eze-Pit needs to be folded.

                                  Click to Enlarge

This combination of the Eze-Pit and the Thrustmaster MFD's is a perfect solution for flight simming in cramped quarters as well as a mobile solution ready to go anywhere a flying session calls for.

Now let's check out a KwikPit with the MFD's attached. Essentially you can use the same attachment process as with the Eze-Pit permanent or quickly removable with velcro. Don't worry about the industrial strength velcro supporting your MFD's this stuff will hold anything to anything. the MFD's aren't budging until you want to separate them from the cockpit.

Here are some more photos this time with the  MFD's attached to the KwikPit.

                                                Click to Enlarge

As you can see from the photos another perfect match of components. The KwikPit is a perfect solution especially with theses MFD's it puts all the important controls right at your fingertips.

                                                Click to Enlarge

Well as you can see the Eze-Pit and the KwikPit make perfect platforms for these or probably any other MFD's available. These kits are so versatile and compact they will make the perfect Christmas Gift to yourself or your favorite flight simulator buff.

                                  Happy Holidays!
Thanks'  for your support and we'll see you next year.

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