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CH Pedal Owners You Need This

Hello everyone, hope all vacations and travel for the Summer has been a success for each and everyone of you.  The flight simulation arena continues to grow with new ideas and new equipment. It looks like companies such as computer 2cockpit are coming up with some great new ideas, lets hope they are successful. I mention this group because it looks like most of their proposed peripherals will work great with our cockpit.

Speaking of equipment, I thought I'd take this opportunity to focus on one our products, the EzeMod MKII. This is a great way to rejuvenate your CH Pro Pedals or make them more functional if you're considering purchasing a set. There's plenty of information below, if you have any questions feel free to email us.



The EzeMod MKII is a modification for the CH- Pro Pedal rudder pedal set manufactured by CH Products. These are a great set of pedals that are sturdy, maintenance free and have been around and survived the test of time. I have owned a set for over five years and the unit has yet to give me any problems.


A major issue I personally encountered while using the pedals over a short period or extended length of time was that my legs became fatigued and started to ache slightly in my upper thigh region. It didn't really bother me too much in the beginning then I started to notice the tiredness as I used the pedals in my flight simulation games, I couldn't play for more than an hour comfortably.

As I diagnosed the problem it seemed to be that I had to place my feet on the pedals at almost straight up angle. This, coupled with the feet being very close together created the problem. I was using my legs to help support my feet on the pedals and keep them positioned properly. This was tiring my legs. I thought  that I needed some type of platform to rest my feet at a natural angle and also support the weight of my feet and legs.

Through trial and error I eventually designed and created   EzeMod which is now updated to the MKII. It allows the feet to rest on a platform at a comfortable angle while easily activating the pedals.


The MkII has several unique features that make it a great solution for owners of the CH ProPedals. It's easy to set up and there is no modification or damage to the original pedals. Once installed the feet rest on the platform and the pedals are activated through pads which are attached to the unit pedal pads.

Pedal movement now becomes easy and effortless. Now I use the pedals without even thinking about them. Precision is also improved with the use of the EzeMod MKII kit. Click here to see it in action    

Another great feature is the mod kit is made of composite wood materials which are "Green" and environmentally friendly. No metals or plastic panels. The platform does have an ultra slippery and durable plastic film coating making it easy to slide your feet. It should be noted  that shoes with metal or sharp material on the soles should not be used.

The kit is delivered as shown simply place the CH Pedal Pro unit on the platform, it's held in place with Velcro making it easily removable. The pedals are attached with non permanent double sided adhesive material. The EzeMod MKII measures 24"L x 12" width and has rubber feet  and substantial weight for stability. It won't move around. You're set for totally different experience with your Ch Pedals.

This is a way to have pedals that operate in a similar manner to the most expensive pedals that cost hundreds of dollars more and leverage your investment in your trustworthy CH Pro Pedals. Save on new pedals and modify your CH Pedals with the EzeMod MKII kit.


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