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Panels and Technology

Hello everyone, looks like Summer is drawing to an end.  Hope everyone is enjoying the last of the warm weather and looking forward to more simming as we spend more days inside. The first business at hand is to give status on the KwikPit kits. We're working some minor changes and updates into the kit and having to undertake the daunting process of finding a new manufacturer of the kit that is capable of manufacturing the updated kit. It seems that unfortunately this is taking longer than expected but we hope to have the product back on the shelves very soon. We do appreciate your patience while we're undertaking this endeavor. One of the things learned about running a small company is that Murphy's Law is always lurking and waiting to strike. But as usual after some panic  and frustration we'll get it figured out.

On a lighter note we will round out the discussion from our last newsletter on panels and things of  that sort. We have an articles that may make FS2004 more enjoyable as it does not have as many beautiful virtual panels as FSX. There is a way to get some realistic correct sized panels that provides a more realistic outside view.

We also delve back into the Garmin G1000 for those interested in how this new age of Glass Cockpits have taken over the general aviation industry. Even the smallest sports planes are sporting glass cockpit packages. Hope you enjoy.

Better Panels and Views

One of my pet peeves with FS9 and the earlier versions of Flight Simulator are the default instrument panels. The developers have done a great job on the panels, they're suitable for what they are.

I find the panels huge when being used with today's modern large screen LCD monitors, especially the wide screen monitors. Although the panels are huge you still have to click on icons to bring up engines controls, radios and other auxiliary panels, this is very distracting when flying. Although virtual cockpit (VC) panels have solved much of the problem the 2D panels are still required for most of the controls on the default aircraft.

Some great panel replacement add-ons have come to the rescue. These panels give the correct perspective of what the pilot sees in the real aircraft and most of the controls are available on the instrument panel with little need for pop up screens. Many of these add-ons are more realistic than the stock panels are very easy to install. They give a whole new perspective to what you see in front of you.

I chosen a few of favorites here for the C172. These panels  give you a much broader view of the interior and clicking on the controls work which is much better than clicking on an icon to bring up a pop up window. The images below how the difference between the default IFR 172 and an IFR 172 add-on panel. You will notice much more scenery is viewable. Basically these add-ons perspectives remove the feeling of sitting on the floor of the aircraft trying to see above the instrument panel.        

                                        Panel by Frank Elfort               Night view of panel
    For download search web C172 Panel add-on by Frank Elfort

                                        Cloudy C172 Cessna Panel           Default panel
       Download from web search Cloudy Cessna C172 Panel

One fantastic free add-on is the RealAir Cessna 172 which flies very realistically as opposed to the default aircraft and includes wind sounds and is able to spin for realistic spin training.

The aircraft is available from and also may be downloaded from various flight sim sites.

The stock aircraft uses the stock C172 panel but there is a custom add-on panel for the RealAir aircraft that makes it perfect. These additions will give you a new C172 selection in the menu, add the custom panel and you'll be flying it more than the default C172.

    Alternative Main Panel for RealAir Cessna 172 SP Skyhawk
             Download search RealAir Panel by Horst Paetzold


Garmin G1000

A glass cockpit is something that has been in airliners and larger planes for a long time. These systems were cost prohibitive to the smaller GA aircraft until around a decade ago.  Now glass cockpits are everywhere in general aviation even down to the small Sport aircraft class. Here is a look at the Garmin 1000. It's also a cool looking system sitting inside the aircraft no matter how small the airplane is.

Rather than go through a long explanation of how they work and how they can benefit you as a pilot or simmer this  excellent tutorial puts it all in a nutshell. It explains how it works and what it can do. I've included two links one on the basics and another on navigation.

Click here for part 1

Click here for Part 2

As a simulator pilot it great to have simulation software available to learn how this system works and to use in your aircraft at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. If you're really serious there are some high fidelity trainers that operate just like the real thing.

G1000 apps are also becoming abundant for iPads, Smartphones and Android devices making G1000 operation available just about anywhere.

Here are some links to a few of them but there are many more available.


  A G1000 for the iPad


Flight 1 Aviation Technologies' G1000


FlyThisSim's G1000


MindStar's G1000

There are many more, just do a simple web search to find the G1000 software that will add this new technology to your flight simming experience.


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