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In this issue we cover the new website changes to our KwikPit kit and discuss Monokote. We're also having a sale on several items. Don't miss it!

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We hope you enjoy our unique line of cockpit products. We have strived to keep prices low as compared to anything else on the market.

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                                                                                New Website

Hello all as I write this I hope you find our new website a welcomed change from our older version which was growing ragged around the edges. The original sign has served us well but ended up being too hard to update and add changes. It started small and bits and pieces were added until it frankly became a small nightmare to administer. I hope the new design will offer a better experience with some of the things we've incorporated into the design.

Navigation is pretty straight forward with several ways to get to where you want to go. You have flash buttons at the top that will get you to all the main areas. There are also four flash buttons at the bottom of the flash intro to take you to designated area of interests. Having flash on your computer is not needed the site can be navigated without it. It's that without Flash enabled you can't view the intro screen. The side menu will also take you to most area on the site. The menu at the vey bottom of  each page will take you to all areas of the site as well. We have an area that scrolls on the left part of the page. We will place current information that we hope you will find useful in this area.

One of the newest additions is requiring a password to view the newsletters and other areas we'll be adding for members only. It's no cost to sign up, just first name and email address. members will also be eligible first offers and discount programs on current products and new ones when they become available. Join here if you're not yet a member. I know you're probably already a member because you're reading this but people find ways around passwords, so join us it's free.



First I'd like to mention our great sale. The sale runs from August 25th until 15 September. The Kwikpit Kit, the Eze-Pit and the Eze-Mod are all 10% off their normal price.

The coupon code for this great deal is CDS-2515 enter this information in the coupon code box when checking out. this offer is only available to our members and Facebook fans.


We've done some updates on our flagship KwikPit cockpit. We've created an interlocking design that should give the customer a little easier assembly of the kit although it's already very simple to assemble.

We were able to eliminate the metal brackets which required screw mounting which will save time in assembly.
the panels use an interlocking slot technique that gives outstanding strength when assembled.


The edges of the side panels, top panel, sand controls panels have been rounded for a more finished look.

An angle system is incorporated to allow adjustment of the angle of the yoke or racing wheel.

As anyone that has purchased a KwikPit cockpit kit the solidness and strength of the unit is outstanding. Hey, what are you waiting on purchase yours today.


Since we did cover one of the assembled kits in Monokote on the site several questions have arisen, one being what is Monokote? Let me start by saying we don't commercially endorse it or work for the company. The covering of the KwikPit with Monokote was purely experimental.

Monokote and other products like it have been used in the RC model aircraft field extensively. It's a plastic heat shrink type material that sticks to a surface as it is being shrunk by a heat source such as an iron or heat gun. It can be contoured to round or unusual shapes as it's being applied.

Here's a couple of entertaining videos to give you and idea of how the product works.

It's largely replaced the old techniques of covering and painting models cutting finishing times to a fraction of what it used to be. As a RC model enthusiast I used Monokote to cover my models for years which gave me the idea to try it on the kit.

Using the techniques for applying basically I cut large pieces to fit each surface, ironed and shrunk them in place. Wrinkles are very easy to iron out. It saved a ton of time in painting and finishing the kit. for more information do a search on Monokote, Plastikote and Ultrakote just to name a few. Try it on your KwikPit project.

Microsoft Flight

Microsoft has reportedly discontinued development for Microsoft Flight. This is a free flight simulator game that is simple yet very realistic and easy to fly. It was developed to introduce gamers to flight simulation. You can still download it at Download it before it disappears.  Microsoft has stated it will still support the Flight community for the foreseeable future.

Don't forget to like us out on Facebook and visit us on YouTube we'll be adding more videos as time allows.

Thanks and have a great day!


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