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In this issue of the Newsletter we take a closer look at the Eze-Mod kit. The kit was designed to utilize the CH Pedals. The Eze-Mod imparts a more realistic feel and improves both the ergonomics and precision of the pedals.

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                                                                The Eze-Mod
The CH Rudder Pedals created by CH Products has been a popular choice of many flight simulator enthusiast for years. The rudder pedals control the yaw of the aircraft in the simulator just as they do in real world aircraft.  Separate rudder pedal controls allow more realistic ground handling of the aircraft as most general aviation aircraft use the rudder pedals for turns on the ground.

The CH Rudder Pedals are a great choice of pedals in their price range, however a problem for myself using the CH Rudder Pedals is the angle and the short distance between the pedals that cause fatigue in my legs and torso. I also have to consciously think about moving the pedals as well. The Eze-Mod was created to solve these problems. The Eze-Mod mount places the pedals at a more realistic angle simulating real aircraft rudder movement and operation. A metal skid plate allows smooth effortless foot movement.  Pads are placed on the pedals for a more comfortable realistic feel.  Following is useful some information on our Eze-Mod kit.             

  Eze-Mod Components 

The Eze-Mod kit ready for the installation of the CH Pedals.

Components: Primer coated composite wood base
                      Metal support brackets attached.
                      Velcro mounting for the pedal unit
                      Foot Rest/Skid plate
                      Four pedal pads with attachments

The unit is designed so that no modification is required on the CH Pedal unit. The pedal unit is simply slid into the rear of the Eze-Mod and is held in place by two supplied velcro pads at the front. Installation and removal is easy, quick and simple.

Eze-Mod Measurements

Click on icon for larger picture

A - A  Total length end to end = 18"

B - B   Total height pedal tip to bottom of base = 11"

C - C   Total length of base = 18"

Click on icon for larger picture

A - A  Width of base at rear = 12.25"

B - B   Width of base = 12"

C - C  Width of CH Pedal Unit = 13"

Realistic Movement

The heel of the foot rests on the metal skid plate the ball of the foot rests on the lower rubber pad. Sliding or rocking the feet produces effortless almost subconscious precise rudder movement. The Eze-Mod gives the rudder pedals the same feel and function as some units priced at $200 to $300 more.



Sliding or rocking the feet produces effortless almost subconscious precise rudder movement. Rudder application is smooth and natural and becomes second nature. You concentrate more on flying and less on thinking about moving the rudder.

Braking action on the pedals is accomplished by raising toes to upper pedal and applying pressure just as it is done in many General aviation aircraft. This is a fantastic kit that will improve your rudder control and overall aircraft control. The Eze-Mod is priced to be a super value deal. We hope this article answers any questions you may have before purchasing the Eze-Mod.

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                                 The Eze-Mod
 Designed for CH Pro Pedals
Relieves Fatigue
   Improves Rudder Precision
       A Must Have Mod !

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