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In this issue I will show you how to build a throttle mount for the Saitek Pro Flight Throttle. It's actually a very realistic looking set up with realistic lever movement. It has three two way buttons as well. If you really hadn't considered it you may want to take another look.

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                                                                                             Custom Throttle Mount

Hello everyone I hope you've been enjoying some wonderful flight or any other type simming since last issue. I was deciding what to write about in this issue when I realized that I had completed a small project for one of my cockpits. I thought it might be useful and enjoyable for the rest of the community. It involves the Saitek Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant which is a perfect match for the KwikPit or the Eze-Pit. Although the throttle quadrant will work as is with just placing it flat on the with maybe some velcro to secure it I wanted the controls at a more realistic angle so I made a simple mount for that purpose.

Building A Throttle Mount

This is the Saitek Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant. It has the authentic aircraft throttle prop and mixture levers that move a 90 degree arc which is very realistic. It also has detents which can be set up for reverse thrust and three two way buttons. The quadrant is usb and works right out of the box.

The only complaint I have is that you have to lift up at the bottom range to start lever movement through the arc causing an unnatural hand position.
As stated the throttle unit works beautifully on the KwikPit and Eze-Pit as is but I wanted to do a little modification to make the lever movement more realistic and button access less difficult so here we go.

I used pieces of scrap 1/8" plywood and 1/2" particle board for this project.
The first photo is of the base it is a 12" long by 7 1/4' wide 1/8" piece of plywood. The second photo is of the vertical brace 2 are required it is a 7 1/4" long by 3" high piece of  1/2" particle board it has a 45 degree angle along the top edge. The third photo is of the end piece of which there are 2  it is 6" long by 5" high 1/8" ply the top curve is achieved by tracing the outline of the throttle unit at a 45 degree angle. You'll see by looking at the photos. By the way the adapter is being built to hold two throttle units side by side.
The first photo above is of the vertical brace glued in place. the second photo shows a test fit of the unit and the third photo is of both braces glued in place.
The first photo above shows the end ready for attachment with glue. the second photos shows the throttle in the unit and the third shows the other end. It is attached by screws I'll be using velcro at the far end to hold the unit securely in place and when two throttle units are installed this end can be used to adjust the side pressure on the two units.
Completed assembly with a test fit and function of the unit. You can see here the levers are now at a realistic angle and the buttons are much easier to reach.
Here is the adapter painted and a hole drilled for the usb cables to exit.
I used velcro to hold the unit snugly to the side of the adapter and eliminate any sloppiness in the control movement. When another throttle quadrant is installed the other end plate can be adjusted to secure both units snugly against each other.


I used rubber feet on the bottom of the adapter to stop any movement, small strips of velcro would work just as well. I think teh throttle unit looks more realistic and button access is much easier. the last photo is a Photoshop cut and paste to see what two units will look like. I wish it were that easy to produce another  real throttle quadrant.

Some notes: This adapter was made for another cockpit that required the large base shown in the photos. Using it with the KwikPit or Eze-Pit does not require a 12" length  the base can be cut down to 6" to support the throttle unit as I've attempted to show you with some very poor Photoshop magic. It can be 3 1/2" wide to support one throttle unit. Well hope you enjoyed the article and until next time Happy Flying!

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