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In this issue we will take a look at the Series One Cockpit Plans on CD. This is a great cockpit build for anyone looking for an enclosed cockpit for their flight sim.

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                                                                                 The Series One Cockpit                                                   
The Series One cockpit plans is something that we thought we include for those looking for an enclosed WWII type cockpit. The information below is directly from the designer of the plans and builder of the prototype kits. The Series One cockpit is designed by Gene Buckle. The design is patterned after the Messerschmitt Me-109 single seat fighter used by Germany in WWII.  This design was chosen because its general layout is mostly angles with few if any difficult to make curves.  This is very important, especially for the novice woodworker.  The cockpit framework can be made as expensively or as inexpensively as you like. The choice of materials is entirely up to the builder.  The drawings were made to allow you to chose any material that is 7/16" to 1/2" in thickness. Here is some more information about the plans and what's on the CD.

To get a detailed look at the project the first thing is to download the free manual. The manual covers everything from tools and materials needed to building techniques. By looking at the manual you can easily tell if this project is for you or not. It's a step by step process and can be completed by the average simmer. We won't discuss the building process as you can get that from the manual. This will be a pictorial description of what you can expect.

The cockpit measurements are:         
53 inches high at tallest point 
25 3/8 inches from the floor to top of side rails 
length = 74 inches
Width= 40 inches wide at widest point. 

Length = 36 inches from face of rear arch to face of windscreen frame.
Width = 24 3/4 inches at widest point.

The manual has step by step building procedures that are thoroughly documented with photos example photos are shown below. Click on icon for larger pictures.

The photos above are from the canopy construction sequence and the shell assembly sequence. The photos make construction easy as you can see what your work is supposed to look like as you build, these are not just a sketched drawing.

The plans CD also includes detail drawings of the parts which clarify how things go together. there are full size template drawings that can be directed printed on a plotter or large size printer. CAD files are also included so if you're lucky enough have a CNC machine or have CNC services available the templates parts can be cut quickly and easily. Some of the drawings are shown below.

A couple of the prototypes built by the designer Gene Buckle along with a completed painted cockpit.               



Don't worry you won't be alone while building your dream cockpit. Gene  offers full support through his website and forum as well as his email address. He is happy to answer any questions you may have.

                      Now for Some Inspiration
Here are some things the designer has done to his cockpit. It gives you as idea on what is possible with your cockpit. You're only limited by your imagination.



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