Date: May- June

     The Pit Newsletter 

Welcome to the Bi-monthly  newsletter.

Letting you know that we will be traveling and visiting out of country from May 1 until June 20th.

The newsletter will also keep you abreast of what other enthusiast are doing in the community.

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The KwikPit Company was created and is ran by  a flight simulation enthusiast. Our goal is to introduce products that add to the enhancement  and fun of flight simulation without the complexity or high  costs.

We hope you enjoy our unique line of cockpit products. We have strived to keep prices low as compared to anything else on the market.

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The KwikPit Team,
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This edition of the newsletter will be very brief. Due to a break for traveling out of country from  May 1, 2012 to June 20, 2012 the KwikPit Company will not be shipping orders between those dates. The digital downloads will not be affected during this time period.

                                 In The Works

We are developing version 2 of the KwikPit kit that has a few refinements to the original kit. The exposed edges have been finished and rounded and we have introduced a locking channel method for even easier assembly.

In addition to the unfinished kit we are looking into Monokote plastic film finishing as an option to the customer. Monokote is a plastic heat shrink covering that adheres to the surface and it shrinks. It can be applied with a normal house old iron and comes in various colors. It's mainly used for covering RC model aircraft.

We'll be updating the web site and anticipate that the new website will be launched in June upon my return from our travels.

Meanwhile if you're interested in more news on what's happening in the flight simulation world there is a new digital magazine that has been introduced into the simulation community. The magazine is FS Pilot Magazine the site is You can download the first issue for free. I'm not affiliated with the site but very glad to see a new magazine about flight simulation released.

Enjoy until next time, see you soon and happy flying!


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