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In this issue I thought I would discuss the issue of shipping charges. Many time it can break the deal on the purchase of an item over the internet. I hope it gives a little insight on the subject.

I also thought I'd mention a couple of outstanding freeware aircraft for FS9.

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                                                                             1/3 Off KwikPit Kit Shipping

Shipping expense is a very important part of any purchase on line. The cost of shipping has rose dramatically over the past several years due to several factors. These factors include inflation, fuel costs and the carrier's bottom line. There is also the fact that close to half of the biggest online retailers are making a profit by charging shipping fees in excess of cost.  I'll attempt to give some enlightenment on shipping costs for those that may be interested, after all you should know what you're paying for..

Over the last several years we have seen an average of 18% increase in shipping costs  . The following increases for this year are typical of what's been occurring. UPS Ground commercial net increase 4.9%, FedEx Ground commercial net increase 5.9%.
There is also a special UPS and FedEx rule for oversize packages, a $45.00 surcharge is added to the delivery cost for such  packages.

The concept of Dimensional Weight has been adopted by the transportation industry worldwide as a uniform means of establishing a minimum charge for the cubic space a package occupies.  Dimensional weight is a calculation of a theoretical weight of a package. This theoretical weight is the weight of the package at a minimum density chosen by the freight carrier. If the package is below this minimum density, then the actual weight is irrelevant as the freight carrier will charge for the volume of the package as if it were of the chosen density. These calculations generally work out to the carrier's advantage.

Hopefully this sheds some light on the mysterious and often frustrating shipping charges. Here at KwikPit we do not charge a handling fee nor do we ship flat rate. When you use the postage calculator to calculate shipping it is directly from the carrier and that is the total shipping fee.

Having said all that we would like to offer 1/3 off the shipping cost on the purchase of a KwikPit kit. This is our way of hopefully helping to ease some of the burden of shipping costs. When you place your order we will calculate and deduct 1/3 from the total shipping and refund you that amount. Enjoy!

In this issue I also wanted to mention two great freeware packages for FS9. So on with it.

                        CLS Piper Arrow

Here's a great find on the web. It's the CLS piper Arrow add on aircraft for FS9 or FSX. It's released as freeware and is available on the flight sim store. This was previously a payware package for $15.00. It has become a little dated but is still a fantastic package.  You can also download it at just fill out the order form with no payment.



                             Bull Stearman

Another great freeware add on that could easily be payware is the Bull Stearman by Touch The Sky Simulations. Some of the things said about it are "Definitely payware worthy! The animation in the VC is awesome (aircraft shakes while idling, vibration on cables, etc). If you hit the runway too hard while landing, the prop blade-tips will actually bend!"

"Featuring an unbelievably detailed exterior model, frame rates in the VC gauges that were impossible even in FSX and many other gorgeous details (dimmable VC lights in FS9 anyone? it has that too! ) that were previously considered impossible in FS9, not only does it make my day flying it low and slow, but also makes me look to the future of FS9 add-ons in awe and great expectation!"

If you enjoy slow and low flying give this aircraft a try. There may be a version for FSX although the aircraft should be fine for both versions.



This aircraft can be downloaded from the great folks at Simviation.


Well that's it for this time, enjoy trying these aircraft out FS9 is still alive!


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