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In this issue we will be looking at more devices that have helped make flight simulation more realistic. These devices help deal with the complexities of today's flight simulators and or often "Gadgets" you may not know even existed.

The  newsletter will give you insight into the different types of flight simulation, technical articles, tips and reviews.

We will also look at the products, accessories, hardware, software and just about anything that makes the world of flight simulation more realistic and enjoyable.

The newsletter will also keep you abreast of what other enthusiast are doing in the community.

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 Gadgets Part II

In the last issue we noted that flight simulation has evolved over the years from just a wire mesh representation of aircraft and scenery to some of the most fantastic and life like aircraft and scenery we see today. In that last issues we took a look at some gadgets that add to the realism of  operating the complicated and realistic flight simulation of today. In this issue we will focus on some more of the "Gadgets" that help immerse us into our favorite simulation programs.

These may not be as well known as the primary flight control devices mentioned earlier but certainly make the simmers life more enjoyable and brings the complexity level of some of the flight simulators down to something that can be managed just about by everyone. So lets see what's out there.

     Voice Command

Voice command let you replace most of the keystroke and mouse commands you use during simulation, action, strategy, and adventure games with voice commands.

GC2 is one of the software packages for voice command. It let you replace commands, such as responding to tower, radio response, wingman commands, or any command you wish to program with voice commands, freeing your hands to take care of the bare essentials. You'll need a decent microphone such as a Labtech or any of the headphone mic combos available today. You can set GC2 to play your voice commands over your speakers if you like or mute them, it works well either way. You can download Game Commander 2 software free online just do a search for it.   

Voice Buddy is another version of voice           command software from e-Dimensional. The software comes with a lot of options:
 Comes with 60 game editions built right in.

Free Voice command edition updates for life.
Price varies and is around $40.00 drop by e-Dimensional or do a web search for best price.

These are just a couple of the leading manufacturers versions there of course is free and cheaper versions of this type software.

Control Panels

Control panels house various switches, knobs or levers that let you operate controls of an aircraft in a more realistic manner replacing mouse or keyboard commands. They can range from basic inexpensive switches to a complex navigation system. Here are a few of the ready made units in addition to the Saitek unit we covered last issue.

GoFlight manufactures a series of  USB plug and play type panels shown are their pushbutton, landing gear flap and rotary knob pushbutton panels. These would look great on the KwikPit (hint). To find out more go to

Desktop Aviator is another company that offers control panels with some inexpensive pricing. They as well as others also offer boards so you can create your own panels as well. Check them out at

Virtual Reality Insight manufactures a great combo NAV/COM/EFIS system as well as glass cockpits for those with a little money to spend. The NAV unit will simulate all radio navigation and EFIS controls in MSFS 2004 and FSX. For cockpit builders they have a Jet and GA type glass cockpit that simulates instruments in MS2004 and FSX. Check them out at


        Touch Buddy



The Touch Buddy touch screen software is a fantastic Free program created by an individual that goes by the screen name of Zorloc from the UK. I have to say this is the coolest piece of software for interfacing with your sim I've seen in a long time.

The software runs on LCD touch screens in which templates can be created for each sim as shown above, these are LCD screens! As stated the software is free you will need to purchase a touch screen or touch screen overlay in the size of your choice. For more information on this great idea go to they have some great You Tube videos demonstrating the Touch Buddy in action. You can download the software there as well. Check out the site, it's a must!

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