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In this issue we will take a look at building a seat for your simulator. This seat is quite simple and inexpensive and will look great with the KwikPit or any simulator cockpit that needs a seat.

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A Seat for Your Cockpit

After most cockpit or KwikPit build completions the next thing to contemplate is a seat. The KwikPit at a minimum only requires an office chair. Most enclosed cockpits either require a special seat or one comes with the cockpit for a price. There are seat kits that replicate real ejection seats that cost anywhere from $300 to $600. There are also plans available to build your own replica ejection seat. For a less expensive outlay an automobile bucket seat may also be used, these are obtainable from salvage yards at a fairly reasonable price. They can be mounted on a wooden base at the correct height to suit your needs.

It's actually quite simple design and construct your own seat out of inexpensive materials. Below is an example of a seat constructed from 1/2" particle board. this example should help if you're interested in building your own seat.

                    Idea for a Cockpit Seat

This seat was built to replace a seat in a homemade cockpit. There are no step by step plans but just some information as a guideline for your own design if you decide to indulge in building a seat. This is a very simple and inexpensive seat costing about $20.00 to complete not counting optional speakers and transducers.

 This design was created in a total of about 7 minutes. It's really not complicated to come up with a simple seat. The only measurement that is sort of critical is deciding the height of the base. The average office chair seat height is 17" to 19" be sure to take in account the seat padding height as well.


Above is the basic construction of the chair completely assembled. Notice the base extends rearward to keep the center of gravity where it needs to be so the seat will not accidently tip over backwards.


The bracing was cut from 1/2" particle board as well, they are 3/4" in height. The metal brackets were used to initially set the recline on the back seat then the side braces were drilled and added. The bottom bolts are 2" long and 1 1/2" for the back support. The dowels are attach at the lower front and lower rear of the base with glue and a screw in each end.


The seat is painted primer gray. Homemade tactile transducers and a set of speakers were added to the seat. The transducers (vibrators) and how they were made are covered in an earlier Newsletter. The speaker mount/headrest is mounted with flat metal stock and 1/2" screws.


A 1/2" block of wood was attached to the seat bottom and back so the transducer bolts would be flush with the surfaces. The transducers are wired in series to a low frequency low powered amplifier.



Completed cockpit seat. The cushions were constructed of tablecloth material stretched over 2" foam cushioning. The cloth and foam cushioning were attached to hardboard cut to the shape of the seat back and bottom. A staple gun was used to attach the material.

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