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The Year Has Begun

Welcome to another edition of  the KwikPit Newsletter. It looks like we made a successful launch of our  HomeFlite simulator cockpit plans and eager builders will be turning out some superb examples of  completed cockpits. If you're a plans purchaser we would love to see your completed project, they'll make a great edition to our gallery. We'll also be placing some templates on the site for switch panels and instrument panel cut-outs. In this issue we decided to take a look at some of  the top of  line HOTAS and Yokes systems for those simmers who have bucks to spare and want the best. Of course no matter which peripherals you have building a HomeFlite simulator cockpit built from our plans would be the perfect home for your gear.


State of the Art HOTAS Systems

We're seeing  flight combat simulators such as A-10 Warthog and Ka-50 Black Shark push the limits of  realism and aircraft control. We've also seen the development of more sophisticated H.O.T.A.S flight control systems to meet the need for more sophisticated flight controls.

Pioneering manufacturers in the field included CH Products, Thrustmaster  and Suncom. They developed the first HOTAS (Hands On  Throttle and Stick )systems. Newer companies like Saitek have entered the game in the last decade.

Some of the early controllers included the ThrustMaster FLCS and the Cougar.  CH has the Fighter Stick, Combat Stick and the Pro Throttle combo. Suncom brought us the split throttle SFS system. Saitek introduced the X36, X45 and the X52 as inexpensive HOTAS systems.

CH Products Fighter Stick and Pro Throttle

Saitek X-45

Saitek X-52

Today there is a selection of sophisticated top of the line controllers that offer features only dreamed of by gamers a decade ago. These controllers offer style, functionality and innovation to the point of being nearly exact copies of the real systems used in modern combat aircraft.

Below is a quick line up of the latest and greatest in the elite group of advanced HOTAS systems.

Thrustmaster WartHog

One of the early contenders in the new breed of controllers is the Thrustmaster Warthog.This unit is a replica of the A-10 Warthog aircraft  HOTAS system. It offers features like toggle switches mounted on the throttle, a lighted panel, removable stick, a split throttle and a ton of programming options. Many of the newer systems have based their design on these features and more. Check out a video overview this HOTAS at


Logitech G940

Logitech introduced the G940 system shortly after the Thrustmaster Warthog was released. An interesting feature included on this system is Force Feedback. The kit also includes rudder pedals as well as the split throttle and lighted panels. Here's a video overview at:

Saitek X65F

The Saitek X65F has many features of  the Warthog including the split throttle. The throttle also includes array of switches which can be programmed to carry out an indefinite number of functions. The ground breaking technology included in this stick design is that the stick is force sensitive in that it doesn't move. the stick reacts to the pressure applied to it just as the stick does in the F-16 and f-22 combat aircraft. Here's a video demo at:

Saitek X-55 Rhino

The newest addition to this elite group of controllers is the Saitek X-55 Rhino. Shipping of this new HOTAS system is expected in April of 2014. Some of the innovations for this system include separate sets of springs for stick feel. Hall sensors are used in this stick as with the other sticks instead of regular potentiometers. These pots work on a magnetic principal and eliminate jitter and the need to replace or take the potentiometers apart for cleaning as they age.

These are the top contenders for elite HOTAS systems currently available. The prices reflect the status of these units but they are still affordable for the serious simmer looking for ultimate realism. Generally these units are made of metal instead of plastic and should last a lifetime. They are adaptable to any type situation. The feel and look of the units give pride in ownership.

Stat of the Art Flight Yokes

Flight yokes play a major role in General Aviation in that almost all general aviation aircraft use a yoke for flight control although there some that use a center of side mounted stick.

There are several relatively inexpensive yoke choices for the flight simmer with the three general choices being the CH Pro Yoke, the CH Eclipse and the Saitek Pro Flight or Pro Flight Cessna yoke.

         CH Flight Sim Yoke

       CH Eclipse Flight Sim Yoke



        Saitek Pro Flight Yoke

             Saitek Pro Flight Cessna Yoke


This elite class of yokes offer realism and design that match their real life counterparts. They're often constructed of metal and have precision made parts that emulate the movements of the real yoke. These yokes attempt the feel of  the real aircraft yoke. Most of these yokes feature metal casting and are made from aluminum or other metals. They use ball bearings and metal bushing for smoothness in control movement. the prices reflect this quality.


Cirrus Cessna Yoke

GoFlight Yoke


ACE 737 Yoke

Although these elite examples of controls are not needed to enjoy your flight simulator. It does show what is available for the demanding flight simulation enthusiast who demands the utmost in realism when price is no object. Pricing for the common HOTAS systems range from $100 to$200 with the elite systems running from $200 to $400. The common yokes range from $100 to $200 with the elite yokes ranging from $300 to $1200.

That's the rundown of the elite peripherals in the HOTAS and yoke categories. Next time we'll cover some of he throttle units available for in the elite category.

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