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Some Thoughts

Hello to all hope the year is treating all of our fans well so far. We're doing well here and hope to have a prosperous year. I must say at this point that hopefully an improvement in the economy will help this as well as all businesses across the board. I think the difference in Wall Street and Main Street has been evident in the past few years. Small businesses feel the crunch in economics and many fall to the wayside. A thought for those contemplating a plunge into e-commerce or a brick and mortar establishment. The key to surviving is to love what you do. We love what we do here at KwikPit so we plan on being around for along time bringing you new products and ideas.

Speaking of new ideas the Eze-Mod is no longer available. We will be redesigning and hopefully introducing a new product in the next few month. At this point we're not sure how many CH Pedal users are still out there with the proliferation of new rudder pedal units by several companies. A short survey will be in order.

One more quick note here. I've seen lots of downloads for our KwikPit plans over the years. We would sure love to see fan builds from all of you builders out there who are reading this. It would be great to see the variations created by the builders so don't be shy, email us your creations.

In this issue among other things we'll look at the EzePit and see how easy it is to turn a roll-around stand into a mobile cockpit. Lets get started.


Mobile Cockpit

The EzePit is designed as a fast and simple setup for someone looking for a cockpit type environment to place their controls. The EzePit can be setup for he user to have a permanent yet compact cockpit to set up his or her controls and not have to remove them after finishing a game,

The unit is also folds so that it's very mobile and can be taken to LAN meets and quickly set up on a table or stand.

To begin we use a standard roll-around cart which could be for microwave ovens, TVs or various other appliances. They can be found in Walmart, Target, Home Depot etc.

Other items required are of course and EzePit, a computer, mouse Keyboard, HOTAS or other controllers a monitor and what ever else you'd like to include.

I used a small tower that I had for this project. Just about any computer of this size will work. I chose to put it on the bottom shelf here.

The rest of the setup is just a matter of placing the items where you want them.

The monitor needs to be placed on the EzePit before the controls are set up. the monitor acts as ballast for the unit.

The design supports a CRT.  With  modern LCDs   becoming lighter you may need to add weight to the platform or a small clamp. We used a  small 2" C clamp at the back in this example. I suggest using a small clamp if  weighting is not available to prevent tipping .




There you have it a quick affordable mobile cockpit setup that can be rolled out when needed or setup in a corner of a room. Great for apartment dwellers with limited space.  The EzePit comes painted with graphics and foam glare shield as shown.  There are three separate panels which are attached by sturdy metal hinges. The only tool required is a Phillips screwdriver.

Honorable Mention

A great add on for the EzePit is the Touch Pilot App for the iPad. It gives you full control of the aircraft with a virtual panel. There are several simulation based apps for the Android and iPad.

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