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In this issue we look at another project that was completed by one of our KwikPit kit builders. We also discuss a new product for those looking for an enclosed cockpit project.

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                                                                             KwikPits and More                                                                         

The product is the Series One DIY cockpit plan set. This is a great project for those who want to go a step further than the KwikPit and want a enclosed cockpit project. The cockpit can be built as a WWII type fighter or any style you want the enclosure is removable. Click on the link and follow Gene's progress on his own build of the cockpit. Gene's skills and ideas are just plain amazing, He even has a F15 simulator he's building from a real F15 cockpit, check it out.

We have another great KwikPit build from an enthusiast in the community. Take a look at his great job he has done. The builder of the KwikPit in this article is Barry LaBarre from Georgia, he's done a fantastic job building and customizing his project. We've added a few  photos of this project to the Gallery as well. If you've completed a KwikPit or Eze-Pit feel free to send in pictures so others may admire your work.

                                     Sorry about the quality but click on the pictures for better images.

Barry LaBarre's KwikPit

  Here's great KwikPit built from the kit. This KwikPit was built by Barry LaBarre. We can see he's done a fantastic job and added some great custom touches. Here is a description by Barry. "The equipment I am using is all Saitek; consisting of a Cyborg keyboard, flight yoke, throttle quadrant and rudder pedals. I painted the PIT with oil base paint.  First I primed all pieces with two coats of white primer, then I painted the PIT black and silver; I sanded lightly between coats and put three coats of paint on the Pit.  The only modifications I made was to raise the keyboard up some and extend the yoke support shelf because the Saitek yoke is deeper in length than a CH products yoke and it attaches different. 

Painting and putting the PIT together took me one week to complete.  I am using a 12 Volt converter and bought two blue and two red LED flexible light strips;  I mounted the blue LED's on each side of the control panel and the two red LED light strips underneath the control panel one on each side.  I fly Microsoft FSX and also fly some with X-Plane 9". 

 Thanks Barry for the photos and build description. You've done a fantastic job on your KwikPit!

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Gene Buckle's
Series One Cockpit Plans

If you're looking for a challenge of an enclosed cockpit project that's not too difficult to tackle then this plans built cockpit is for you. A picture is worth a thousand words so follow the link below to see Gene's example of this cockpit and the fantastic customization that is possible.

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