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In this issue we will be looking at some of the devices that have help make flight simulation more realistic. These devices help deal with the complexities of today's flight simulators and or often "Gadgets" you may not know even existed.

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 Gadgets Part 1

Flight simulation has evolved over the years from just a wire mesh representation of aircraft and scenery to some of the most fantastic and life like aircraft and scenery we see today. We barely need the keyboard to control aircraft if at all. There are a variety of joysticks, yokes, rudder pedals and other gadgets that add to the realism of  operating the complicated and realistic flight simulation of today. In this issue we will focus on some of the "Gadgets" that help immerse us into our favorite simulation programs.

These may not be as well known as the primary flight control devices mentioned earlier but certainly make the simmers life more enjoyable and brings the complexity level of some of the flight simulators down to something that can be managed just about by everyone. This is a great feat considering some simulations can easily have over one hundred keystroke and keystroke combinations to operate the aircraft realistically. Trying to remember just a fraction of these while operating in the flight environment can be daunting and take the fun out of many sims.

So let's look at a few of these revolutionary devices that have that have to the realism of today's simulation revolution. These items can be broken down into a couple of categories, those that help with viewing and those that help manipulate controls excluding joysticks, rudder pedals, and yokes discussed in earlier newsletters.

     Head Tracking

One of the major devices that has really changed the way we view in flight simulators are head tracking devices. You no longer have to push keys on the keyboard or use a HAT switch on your joystick to change views. Thanks to these devices you can have a natural view just by moving your head in a normal real world manner and the view in the simulation changes accordingly. A couple of these devices are the Track IR4 Pro and the Hat Track by VRInsight .  A free DIY version is also available  just click on the images or links for more info. There is also more info in our 07/2008 Newsletter.


 The Triplehead2go is a fantastic device which allows you to extend the flight simulation view across three monitors, LCD screens or projectors. the newer version allows you to use widescreen on each device as well. The device is manufactured by Matrox for more info click on the image. For infomation on it's great surround gaming capabilities click on this link

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Saitek Switch Panel

The Saitek Switch Panel gives you a selection of realistic switches to mimic cockpit controls for flight simulation. the ad states it has switches for use in controlling various aspects of a flight simulation, engine on/off , Landing Gear, A large selection of cockpit controls. LEDs for Landing Gear match the status in the game - if a landing gear strut fails, this is indicated on the panel  All switch labeling is backlit to ensure easy reading of controls during late-night simulation sessions. For more info click on image or go to
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                   CH Products MFP

CH Products has a unique programmable keyboard system.
The ad states it's a revolutionary, fully programmable keyboard designed specifically for gamers! Expanding on the role of the traditional keyboard, the MFP allows the gamer to program  individual keys to emulate any combination of keyboard strokes, mouse axis and more. Each wireless, programmable key is re-usable, inexhaustible and can be removed and re-positioned anywhere on the MFP tray enabling a completely new customizable layout for each of your gaming needs. To learn more about it click on the image or go to

        eDimesional 3D Wireless Glasses

3D has been around for a while. This is a chance to experience your games in 3D. If  you're looking to delve into 3D give theses a try. The ad reads:

The most realistic gaming graphics ever!
Experience the latest in virtual reality technology with 3D images that float inside and outside of your monitor! Become immersed in unbelievably real 3D gaming and graphic environments as our patented stereoscopic 3D glasses instantly create a truly 3-dimensional viewing experience with all of you
r favorite gaming titles. You have to see to believe--thrills guaranteed!

Intuitive depth perception for more accurate height and distance calculation, plus amazing visuals!
The E-DTM 3-D glasses instantly convert virtually all of your existing PC video game titles into true 3D. That means a real sense of depth and distance as you're taking aim at the enemy battalion approaching, trying to find the apex of the next turn, or coming in for a carrier landing in your F-14. It's why so many customers report improved game play performance when using our glasses in addition to stunning scenery and visuals. For more information click on the image or go to
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