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Welcome to our Bi-monthly newsletter.

This issue as well as in the following issues we hope to offer you information and insight into the exciting world of flight simulation.

We hope the  newsletter will give you insight into the different types of flight simulation, technical articles, tips and reviews.

We will also look at the products, accessories, hardware, software and just about anything that makes the world of flight simulation more realistic and enjoyable.

The newsletter will also hopefully keep members abreast of what other enthusiast are doing in the community.

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The KwikPit Company was created and is ran by  a flight simulation enthusiast. Our goal is to introduce products that add to the enhancement  and fun of flight simulation without the complexity or high  costs.

We hope you enjoy our unique line of cockpit products. We have strived to keep prices low as compared to anything else on the market.

Check out our products at  thank you for your patronage.

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Desktop Simulation

Flight Simulators are designed to simulate aircraft feel and dynamics using a desktop PC. The PC and software work together to mimic the aircraft instruments, gauges, cockpit interior, control surfaces, lighting, noises, engine sounds and much more as realistically as possible. The simulator also tries to reproduce the aircraft's surroundings such as airports and scenery including clouds, shading, reflections, other aircraft and speaking pilots voices. Practically anything that can be done in a real aircraft can be simulated with today's powerful software and computers. Flight simulation software can generally broken down into two categories: General Aviation and Combat Simulation.


Racing Simulators are designed to bring the excitement of auto racing to the desktop PC. The PC and software come together in this format to provide a simulation of  a  racer's cockpit interior, guages, even mirrors for rear views, and an impressing roar and rumble of the engine as you speed around an authentic course. A wide selection of force feedback authentic steering wheels add to the excitement. Racing simulators come in many categories, Formula 1, Grand Prix, Nascar, Street Racing, Demolition Derby and more.


Space Simulators, Bot Sims, Train Sims and more there are sims for just about any real life component out there. Check them out and enjoy a whole new worlds, the worlds of Simulations. 



                         Flight Yokes

A yoke is similar to a wheel that is attached to a sliding rod. The wheel can be turned to the right or left (like a car's steering wheel), and can be pushed forward and pulled back. On a yoke, the right and left action controls the ailerons (roll) and the forward/back controls the elevator.

Yokes can offer several advantages as input for General Aviation aircraft. First, they tend to offer better control in that travels are longer and the axis movement is better separated. In other words it's easier to roll left and right without unwanted up and down movement. They also are more realistic for General Aviation aircraft, you don't see too many Cessna 172s flown with a joystick.

Yokes are becoming more popular and affordable as more manufacturers jump into the market. They run the
price and quality gamut. Below the $100 level, the yokes are intended for games. More expensive
yokes tend to be used for high end flight simulators for flight training. There are less expensive models designed for the desktop flight simulator enthusiast as well.

One of the less expensive but certainly not cheap yokes is a favorite of many enthusiast, it's the CH USB Flight Yoke. This yoke heads the list in the best features for price area. It has trim controls, throttle, propeller and mixture controls as well as a myriad of button and switches that can be programmed anyway you want. The average price for this device is around $149.00. A great in depth article on this yoke can be found at:

Some other manufacturers of  the more expensive higher quality yokes are VMAX Flight Systems' AFCS III, there is a review of this unit at the AVSIM web site go to:

Another is the Elite series at, they offer a variety of higher end flight yokes as well as complete panels. the site will give you an idea of what is available for the person who needs a flight yoke.

There is a flight yoke that will fit everyone's budget, they are must if you want to enjoy general aviation flight simulation to it's fullest. Enjoy the flight!


                      KwikPit Plans

The Kwikpit is built from  easy to follow Plans. The cockpit was designed for the enthusiast to bring more enjoyment to simulation gaming.

The plans are designed with beginners in mind, there are no layered CAD type drawings which often add confusion to building a project, step by step instructions are included. Straight angular cuts make this an easy to build cockpit using common hand or power tools. The design can be customized at any time during construction since you are in essence the designer builder.


The cockpit can be built from material of your choice but most inexpensive route is to use composite board as the building material. This is fairly inexpensive and easy to work with. After assembly and painting you'll have a  unique cockpit that is durable and sturdy.

You won't have to go on a scavenger hunt for hardware,  we also offer a Hardware Kit that contains, assembly screws, bolts, brackets and other components. Basically everything you need in one inexpensive package.

                       Coming Soon

We are currently in the development stages of our new prefabricated KwikPit kit. We are a small company and are currently looking for a manufacturer that can keep prices low and still provide an excellent product. This helps us to continue to produce a product that is in line with our value oriented goals. Stay tuned for more developments and announcement updates.

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