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New Year Greetings

Hello to all hope everyone is looking forward to the new year. It's been an exciting year for the KwikPit Company. We've been developing some new ideas and attempting to streamline our operations. When I say we I mean me and my wife as this is a home based operation. We build the units by hand and keep a very small inventory and replenish as the need arises. I'm a flight simulation enthusiast and got tired of using a desk for my gear and having to remove it when I was done simming. I scoured the internet but couldn't find anything affordable, most cockpits were replicas of the F-16 and cost hundreds of dollars. The field has expanded today to include many types of setups for the home. The KwikPit is still an excellent choice for an extremely affordable compact cockpit setup.

New products continually hit the market for Flight Simulation and Racing Simulation consumers. Many are affordable and some not so affordable. So for the new year I challenge all those who have an idea for a cool product for our hobby to think about making your idea or product a reality. The more gadgets we have out there the more fun the hobby. Develop your idea, build a prototype, produce some units, do it from home, keep it simple, that's what I and others have done. Your idea may be the next revolution in gaming or a "Why didn't I think of that" either way it's worth the adventure.

Now for the fun. In the following article I'll give you an idea on how to create a seat that rumbles and vibrates and adds a new dimension to Flight or Racing simulation. This idea has been around for a while and uses a regular office chair. You can find more information by Googling the internet.

                    DIY Rumble Seat

What we're talking about here are transducers. They impart vibration instead of sound to the seat. You feel all the bumps, gunfire, explosions and typical noises in the sim. There are commercial units available like the "Butt Kicker" that run between $85 to $100. The unit is OK but this is about building your own transducers which is a lot more fun.

First you'll need an old 8" speaker . It dosen't matter if the cone material is damaged because you'll be cutting it away.

Remove the cone material and make a cut in the voice coil big enough to slip a bolt in. Center the bolt and make sure it is vertical and not leaning to one side or the other. Coat this with a couple of thick layers of epoxy glue and let it dry as shown.

Purchase some stock 1/16th inch metal straps from your local hardware store to make supports to hold the bolts and nuts that are used to mount the transducer to your chair. It was a matter of getting the balance of how many straps to use. Too many and the unit was too stiff, to few and it would bottom out under testing. One strap going each way seemed to work out just right.

Bolts were mounted to the straps so the transducer could be mounted. The bolts shown were replaced with shorter ones for seat mounting. The unit does not bolt directly to the seat but is suspended by the bolts at approximately where the washers are. The vibration and motion is transferred through those bolts to the seat or a peice of wood attached to the seat.

You will also need a low power subwoofer amp capable of delivering low frequency range, the transducers produce vibration in the 10-60Hz range. the amplifier is connected to your computer sound card. Your stereo system will work if it has a subwoofer channel. Power can be low,  in the 20 watt range as it really doesn't take much to get the transducer vibrating. I thought this would not be enough power but I found 40 watt Dayton amp that I barely turn past the halfway point before the shaking gets severe.


Here the transducer has been wired and tested and is ready to mount to the seat.  These can also be mounted to the bottom of sofas in a home entertainment center as well so they really do the job on a simulator setup.

Here the transducer is mounted to a section of wood that will be attached to the bottom of the office chair. I shortened the bolts so they did not protrude through the other side.                          

An example of a home made transducer is shown attached to an office chair. this unit really adds to the realism in your games, give it a try. A search of the internet will give you all the info you need or email me at kwikpitc@kwikpit.com  with any questions. Hope you enjoyed the article.

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