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The KwikPit Company was created and is ran by  a flight simulation enthusiast. My goal is to introduce products that add to the enhancement  and fun of flight simulation without the complexity or high  costs.

I hope you enjoy our unique line of cockpit products. We have strived to keep prices low as compared to anything else on the market.

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Desktop Flight Simulation

Flight Simulators are designed to simulate aircraft feel and dynamics using a desktop PC. Flight simulation should give the impression and feeling of actual flight. The PC and software work together to mimic the aircraft instruments, gauges, cockpit interior, control surfaces, lighting, noises, engine sounds and much more as realistically as possible. The simulator also tries to reproduce the aircraft's surroundings such as airports and scenery including clouds, shading, reflections, other aircraft and speaking pilots voices. Practically anything that can be done in a real aircraft can be simulated with today's powerful software and computers. Flight simulation software can generally broken down into two categories: General Aviation and Combat Simulation.


The most popular general aviation simulator would probably be the Microsoft Flight Simulator series including, Flight Simulator 98, Flight Simulator 2000, Flight Simulator 2002 and Flight Simulator 2004 this program demonstrates how the software and computers have evolved from wire frame very slow graphics to the latest 3D technology. You can pilot small Cessna aircraft, a helicopter or a 747 or anything in between. This sort of simulator focuses on procedures such as takeoffs, landings, navigation, cross country flights as well as VFR and Instrument flight and many more of the challenging capabilities of general aviation.


The combat oriented simulation titles such as CFS2, Battle Of Britain, Falcon 4.0, and Enemy Engaged Comanche Vs Hokum to name a few, focus on air combat with aircraft from WWI  to the Concept Aircraft of the future. There are Spads, P-51 Mustangs, Mig 29s, F-16s, Apaches, Blackhawks, Cobras, and much more, many modeled down to ultra realistic avionics and control systems.

Whether you are an experienced veteran or a newbie, as computer systems develop more power, and software becomes more sophisticated, flight simulation will become even more realistic and growing hobby for the enthusiast.


The joystick is typically the preferred device used for flight simulation games. Joystick selection is primarily based on comfort and durability, as well as functionality. A joystick should feel comfortable to grip and be durable, no one wants a stick that falls apart or the buttons stop working. A good joystick should have at least a one year warranty. A joystick should be stable and have at least a six foot connection cord.

Most of today's joysticks are digital with a USB plug they allow for many more functions than the old analog sticks. Analog sticks plug into the game port on the computer and some second hand units are still out there. Purchase a digital joystick because most digital sticks are programmable. the big names in  joysticks are Thrustmaster, Logitec, CH  Products, and Saitek. These companies offer solid products with good warranties.

Joysticks vary by complexity as well. The basic models come with 2 axis of movement and a few buttons. More advanced sticks are programmable and come with a ton of buttons and levers. These functions can include 8 way and 4 way POV (point of view) switches, throttles, trigger, weapons select, the list goes on depending on our imagination and how you want to program the stick.
There is force feedback which will respond to the game by creating resistance or movement giving the feel of the actual vehicle hitting bumps, being damaged, firing guns etc. Many of the newer sticks also come with a twist action this feature can be used to control the rudder of an aircraft.

The HOTAS (Hands On Throttle and Stick) offers even more realism by simulating actual aircraft controls in looks and function, particularly the controls of modern combat jet aircraft. Serious flight Simulation enthusiast take this route and even purchase rudder pedals for a complete set up. An in-depth article at
  gives insights on two popular HOTAS systems and is a must read for anyone interested in such a setup.

                  The Eze-Pit Mach II

A look at one of our great products. The Eze-Pit series is designed to make the hobby of flight simulation enjoyable and more realistic. The Eze-Pit Mach II  simulates the classic jet fighter cockpit and is very functional in design.

The Eze-Pit mach II can be placed on a table or desk top and provides room for placement of a throttle, joystick and keyboard.. The positioning of the controls is very realistic! and will definitely improve reaction time in your games!  The unit can be  folded for storage or for travel in seconds!  it's Great for LAN meets!  The unit may also be set up permanently on a small desk or table, eliminating the hassle of removing your flight gear after a simming session!

The Eze-Pit MachII is constructed of strong composite material that will stand up to the most demanding players. The Eze-Pit Mach II comes complete ready to assemble and may be easily customized by the user. The Eze-Pit Mach II is easy to assemble and very reasonably priced.

There is nothing close to the Eze-Pit series of desktop cockpits both in style and price, order yours today. 

              Add Realism To Your Games!

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