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2011 has left us and 2012 is actually here. I think it's the most talked about year ever entailing the hopes of a recovering economy to the end of the world. I prefer to talk of hopes of a recovering world economy and a better outlook for the future. Having said that it was a great year for flight simulation with some newer titles becoming seasoned staples. These include DCS Black Shark and A-10 and many more FSX add-ons.

FSX continues to be a fantastic flight simulator program as the power of  high end computers have started to tame it, showing off fantastic graphics at very satisfactory frame rates. X-Plane 10 has also been released and it's also a fantastic sim with  fantastic graphics and speed. I won't compare it to MS Flight simulator because they're both excellent in their own rights. I think it's worth having them both.

Flight Simulator 2004 or FS9 as it is also called is still flying strong and will continue to do so for quite a while. Utilities and add-ons for this classic are endless. Couple that with a program that runs at full settings on an almost ordinary computer with today's specs (doesn't require dual processor) and you'll have a flight simulator to enjoy for quite a while.


Here at The KwikPit Company things went pretty well for 2011 and we expect even a better 2012. We'll be busy working on and adding new products to our line. Unfortunately a couple of products may be discontinued as they are no longer meeting the sim community's needs.

Be sure to join and get on the member's list as new products will be initially offered to members at a discounted price and well as closeout items. Just click on the Join link on the products page.

             Pending Travel Announcement

Pending travel plans and limited service, as of this date we plan to travel to Thailand for two months, May and June. The website will only be accepting orders for digital downloads at that time. Dates are from 1 May to 1 July 2012. So get your orders in early if you had planned on a purchase during that time period.

Sorry for the inconvenience it's one of the drawbacks of being a small operation. But we'll be back taking orders as usual after our return. We do appreciate your understanding and patience.

Enough with the official announcements now for some fun stuff.

                   Cool GPS Gadget

When flying GA aircraft in FS2004 and FSX there is no GPS to help guide you along the way. It's a matter of plotting courses and setting instruments or dead reckoning. Many times flying VFR you may want to get in the cockpit and fly to a destination without  plotting or flight planning. the Abacus - EZ-GPS v4 makes it easy.

This piece of software makes makes navigation easy and is the missing piece in the flight simulator program. although it's not freeware it is worth the $19.00 price. It has a moving map, airport database and other features that are very useful. It also works with all the default aircraft in FS9 and FSX. Here are some screenshots below. For a full review got to http://flightsim.com/main/review/ezgps.htm.



To purchase click here:         
 Abacus - EZ-GPS v4 (Download)

That's all for now. Enjoy the new Year and Happy Flying!


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