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Happy New Year

It's been an exciting year as more flight sim aircraft are introduced and the realism and graphics continue to improve to fantastic levels. The new year promises to be just as exciting. It seems that there is endless supply of new aircraft and devices to make flight simming more enjoyable and realistic as ever. There is also some great news for those looking to purchase FSX. It seems to be available from a  few places but prices are astronomical due to it being out of production. Thanks to Dovetail and STEAM FSX is available again and with improvements. We also checked out a device that may be a great and less expensive alternative to TRACK IR for those looking for head tracking at an affordable price.


 FSX Available for on STEAM

Great news for those looking to purchase FSX. I did a search of the internet for this classic and  I saw prices ranging anywhere from $49.00 to $250.00. The software is out of production thus the high prices that are found around the internet. The boxed version of  the software can still be found at some flight simulation oriented sites for a reasonable price but supplies are limited.

The great news is that STEAM has added FSX to it's collection of digital downloadable games that are played from online. Dovetail Games will be distributing FSX Gold Edition on the STEAM platform with many improvements and updates to the game.

The  FSX Gold Edition has many improvements over the standard edition, it contains the Deluxe Edition and the FSX Acceleration Pack. The software was introduced at $4.99 and is currently on sale until January 2nd at 50% off for $12.49.

For more information about the STEAM platform go to: http://store.steampowered.com/about/

To view a very informative and thorough write about the FSX STEAM edition visit Fly Away Simulation at: http://flyawaysimulation.com/news/4712/


A Fan's Cockpit Build

Here's another fantastic KwikPit setup from one of our fans. Here is a quick run down of the components used from the builder himself.

"My setup includes -

Kwikpit Cockpit Deluxe with a simple mod of screwing in a 1/4" oak board on top cut to measurements for my second monitor (I chose oak for strength).

My first monitor is running the Cockpit View and my second monitor is running ATC window, GPS and Gauges.

I am using a Wireless Keyboard for ATC responses and overhead Panel, Saitek Yoke and Throttle Quadrant, Ipad running Remote Flight Radio HD which I use to set Com and Nav Frequencies as well as the Auto Pilot Panel and Iphone running FCA 737.

My KwikPit Cockpit Deluxe makes me feel like I am sitting in a Jetliner which would not be possible with sim hardware just sitting on a desk or without pouring money into building a Cockpit"

Thanks Kwikpit,
 Your Very Happy Customer "

This is a great job and fantastic set up, kudos to the builder.


KwikPit Kits

We're still working on getting KwikPit Kits back in inventory. Unfortunately we're on a search for a new manufacturer that can produce the kit for an affordable price, after all,  great kits that are affordable is the goal of our company. We will keep you informed of our progress and feel free to email us with any questions or concerns.


Gadget Corner

ED Tracker


When ever I run across an interesting piece of hardware or a gadget that makes flight simming even more realistic or exciting I'm eager to share the news.


The ED Tracker is a head tracking device similar to TRACK IR and Free Tracker. It enables you to have different cockpit or outside views by naturally moving your head instead of using a hat switch or moving a mouse. These  devices add immersion to the simulator and heighten the realism by imparting a feeling of sitting in the aircraft and looking around normally as in real life.

The unique thing abut the ED Tracker is that it doesn't use a camera. It uses  a gyroscope/accelerometer/controller board. This plugs into the PC with a USB cable and mimics a 3 axis joy stick. Any game that can map the views to a joystick will work with this device.

This is an open source project that is continually under development by a small dedicated group in the UK. You can download the plans and purchase parts for around $   . The also have a completed board for around $  . You may want to purchase a small enclosure box to put the PCB in. The unit can be conveniently mounted to your headset if you use one.

For a more in-depth information check out this review at the CH Hangar. http://www.ch-hangar.com/edtracker/

You can purchase the device here: http://edtracker.org.uk/index.php/building/hardware

Check out FreeTrack here:


Control Panels                   


Still looking for suitable way to create lettering for panels since hardwood is not a totally sooth surface like plexiglas or metal. The rub on letters didn't work very well. Next I'll try clear labeling with white lettering using an ordinary label maker. Stay tuned.


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