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About Us


The kwikPit Company  LLC is a Colorado company based in Denver. The KwikPit Company was created to enhance the playing of simulation type computer games. As both President of the company and an avid simmer myself I found it a hassle to set up my flight or racing gear then have to put it all away when I was finished playing. I looked for a solution that would allow me to leave my gear intact when I was finished running a simulator game. I researched the market and decided a flight simulator cockpit was what I needed.

The problem is that the simulator cockpits available were few and far between. There weren't many simulator cockpits for sale. The majority of the flight simulator cockpits were based on a certain model aircraft, price ranges are from $500.00 to $30,000.00 unfinished, not to mention the high shipping charges. From my research I could see  many simmers not being able to find or buy a simulator cockpit  in the commercial market place. They also couldn't dedicate months or years to building a homebuilt simulator cockpit, many completely gave up.

Not seeing anything I could afford I also decided to build my own flight simulator cockpit. After several months of designing building and rebuilding I completed my first Simulator Cockpit. After experiencing my simulator games in the cockpit I decided like many other dedicated flight and racing simulation players that this is the way to go for achieving maximum enjoyment from my games.

My Goal

Simmers understand the thrill of completing a cross-country flight in any aircraft from a two seat Cessna to a Boeing 727 or winning the NASCAR championship in a car you built and tuned for the track. It's exhilarating to successfully complete a mission in a modern combat jet or a P-51 Mustang. These are more than games they are a challenge of the player's skills and give an enormous amount of satisfaction when a scenario completed successfully.

Based on the above facts I have designed several simple, inexpensive plans built cockpits. My goal is to fill the price gap for those who enjoy simulations to their fullest, and at the same time add more realism and fun to your gaming experience, thus the KwikPit was born. We hope that the price and quality of our products appeal to those who are already dedicated simmers as well as introduce many new comers to the hobby. Now everyone can afford a cockpit system to increase the enjoyment and realism while enjoying their favorite computer simulator program.

Please feel free to contact us at The KwikPit Company through the phone, email, online or snail mail. enjoy the game and thank Your for considering our products.

3355 Hudson Street  #7446
Denver, CO 80207