The KwikPit Simulator Cockpit Kit

The Ready to Assemble Ready to Play Simulator Cockpit


KwikPit Kit Deluxe



KwikPit flihgt simulator cockpit




  • Textured Color Finish Ready For Assembly!

  • Compact Design for Small Spaces and Portability!

  • Great for Small Rooms or Apartment Living!

  • Utilizes Sturdy Composite Construction!

  • Designed for Strength and Durability!

  • Supports MonitorS Up to 35 Pounds!

  • Flexible Design to Support All Your Equipment!

  • Environmentally Friendly Green Construction Materials!


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The KwikPit is designed to provide a simple solution for your simulation gaming needs. The cockpit utilizes your HOTAS, flight yoke or racing wheel in a more realistic and efficient manner. The ergonomic placement of the controls simulates the location of the controls on a real aircraft or racing vehicle. The KwikPit has ample space for the controls and keyboard placement. The monitor area will support up to a 35 pound monitor so there will be no problem with a large CRT or multiple monitor displays. The KwikPit is also designed to be used with a regular office chair with this type setup the monitor and controls are placed at the right height to prevent neck, wrist and arm strain after a long session of gaming.



cockpit sketche 1cockpit sketche 2cockpit sketche 3cockpit sketche 4cockpit sketche 6cockpit sketche 7cockpit sketche 8cockpit sketche 9cockpit sketche 10


  • The KwikPit is designed to be compact to fit in a small room or apartment or be easily stored.

  • Compact size allows for great portability and lets you use the cockpit just about anywhere.

  • The smaller size  also allows the cockpit to be shipped in one box saving  shipping charges.

  • The cockpit design consists of seven panels to be easily assembled using only a Phillips screwdriver.

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The KwikPit  flight simulator cockpit kit is constructed of furniture grade 5/8" composite wood. This is the same material used in the production of most modern furniture and has proven to be be a great material when designed correctly for specific purposes. This material is  environmentally friendly and helps support the Green initiative. We are able to keep manufacturing cost as low as possible and produce a kit with superior strength. The unit will easily support a 35 pound monitor. The unit is solid and able to handle daily use including the knocks and bumps that will occur. The cockpit will not deform or have the problems inherent to plastic over time.




bare cockpit 1  bare cockpit 2  bare cockpit 3   bare cockpit 4  bare cockpit 5  bare cockpit 6

  • Interlocking slot system simplifies assembly.

slot 1   slot 2

  • Rounded corners and edges means less finishing work.

  • No plastic in construction  you get a product that will last.

  • You can modify the design by simply cutting the material.

  • Easily add your own panels or shelves.






Simulator cockpit 1    Simulator cockpit 2   Simulator cockpit 3    Simulator cockpit 4


  • Pre-Painted in gray and black ready to assemble!

  • Textured finish helps prevent controls from sliding!

flight simulator cockpit 1    flight simulator cockpit 2   flight simulator cockpit 3   flight simulator cockpit 4

  • Includes stick on graphics for a military look!

  • Print more graphics from the CD!


cockpit graphics 1 cockpit graphics 2 cockpit graphics 3 cockpit graphics 4 cockpit graphics 5


  • Configure your KwikPit  simulator cockpit for realistic gaming.

  • Supports your flight yoke, racing wheel or HOTAS system.

    CH Yoke    Racing Wheel   Joystick  Flight simulator cockpit 

  • The KwikPit supports your old or new HOTAS . 

  • A perfect platform for peripherals like the Thrustmaster MFDs.

  • Designed to accommodate a regular office chair 


  Thrustmaster MFD 1  Thrustmaster MFD 2   Thrustmaster MFD 3    cockpit center joystick 1  cockpit center joystick 2


Other great features

  • The KwikPit has a slotted top for hiding and routing cables!

  •  Detachable adapter for flight yokes or racing wheels!

A Great cockpit for only $169.95


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  • One of the most inexpensive flight simulator cockpit kits on the market, compare prices.
  • The design keeps price low you don't pay for options someone else wants.
  • Sturdy construction ensures your investment will last.
  • Compact size keeps shipping costs as low as possible.


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  • KwikPit is for anyone without the resources to build a simulator cockpit for themselves!
  • No more hassle re-arranging your desk before and after a gaming session! 
  • Purposely over-built to last, stands up to heavy daily use and abuse!
  • The Compact design makes the KwikPit easily transportable!
  • The KwikPit is easily customizable create a one of a kind cockpit if desired!
  • The only cockpit kit in this price range, a real value for gamers on a tight budget! 
  • Includes: precut, pre-painted and predrilled panels, hardware and instrument graphics
  • CD included with FlightGear flight simulator software and extra graphics!

Includes all panels, yoke/ keyboard adapter, hardware, cd and instrument graphics.

 HOTAS, Yoke, Racing Wheel. Thrustmaster MFD's, Keyboard, Mouse not included
Item may vary slightly from picture due to modifications 


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